Bipin Agarwal and Ashwin Pingali

Affordable and Transparent Healthcare for Consumers

Bipin is a successful entrepreneur with a track record of building successful companies in the technology space. His first company, which he co-founded, was successfully taken public in 1999. As the CTO of this company he oversaw the architecture and implementation of several strategic business systems for several key clients like E*Trade, Ameritrade, FedEx, etc. He has successfully invested in several high tech companies. He is passionate about making a difference to the consumer, which led him to start DZee Solutions, a healthcare financial solutions company that can leverage Big Data to help consumer understand, plan and manage their healthcare expense.

Ashwin Pingali is a researcher, entrepreneur and consultant with knowledge of how enterprises use data and information synthesized from the data in various functions. He is co-founder and Chief Technology officer of DZee Solutions, and has built considerable expertise in Big Data and Cloud technologies. His understanding of statistics, Big Data and simulations has been instrumental in helping build the DZee Plan product for DZee Solutions and is one of the inventors behind the patent pending invention that drives DZeePlan. His passion is to build sophisticated data simulations that mimic real world events and then look at the aggregate information to make decisions. In his free time he loves to read and understand the abstractions hidden within the data.

Dr. Christopher Bell

The Importance of Women Superheroes

Dr. Bell has served as an Assistant Professor of Communication at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs since the summer of 2010. He specializes in the study of popular culture, focusing on the ways in which race, class and gender intersect in different forms of media. Dr. Bell’s primary research areas are young adult culture, particularly dystopian young adult literature and comic books. He serves as the chair of the Southwest/Texas Popular Culture Association’s Harry Potter Studies division. He teaches both theory and methodology courses in critical analysis of popular culture, rhetorical theory, representation theory and mass media. Dr. Bell is a nationally-touring speaker on issues of race, class and gender in the media, and has presented work at regional, national and international conventions and conferences. In what little spare time is left over, Dr. Bell is an author of the children’s book Do Not Open the Door! and a competitive gamer, competing on regional and international circuits, and travels with his wife and daughter.

Dani Bostick

Victim – Unashamed and Unsilenced

Dani Bostick is psychotherapist in Colorado Springs who works with individuals, couples, and families. A Maryland-native and former Latin teacher, Dani now devotes most of her energy to challenging and disrupting the culture of shame and silence surrounding sexual abuse and assault, drawing on her personal experience as a victim of childhood sexual abuse. Her work about sexual abuse has appeared on Marie Claire, The Washington Post, and To Write Love on her Arms. She also writes regularly at Huffington Post and Good Men Project. She uses the rest of her energy to take her dogs to the dog park, dominate her fantasy football league, and cover Steelers football for Behind the Steel Curtain at SBNation.

Diana Hall

Healing the World- The Future of Mass Customization

Diana Hall is a chemical engineer from Colorado School of Mines, and has an MBA from CSU Fort Collins. She has worked in software and telecom for fortune 500 companies and ran a mentoring program for children in poverty. She has multiple utility patents and founded AmphibianSkin(TM) in October 2014.

Tonya Henderson

The Fractal Challenge: Understanding and Influencing our World through the Power of Pattern-Spotting

Dr. Tonya L. Henderson is an expert in organization development and change. She is the owner and founder of Gly Solutions, LLC, a company dedicated to helping organizations to navigate change in constructive, sustainable ways. As a Doctor of Management and a graduate of the US Naval Academy, she blends her own research into the complexity of human organizations with a military officer’s practicality and the self-awareness of a certified yoga instructor. An 18-year veteran of the aerospace industry, she draws her perspective from a wealth of operational systems integration experience and a passionate pursuit of life-long learning. Dr. Henderson’s unique blend of proven expertise and scholarship includes large and small group facilitation; complexity, storytelling, and appreciative inquiry research; defense and aerospace systems integration; yoga-inspired management workshops; and more.

Tonya is especially passionate about the way that groups of people self-organize and how their repeated patterns of perceptions and behaviors can offer clues to organizational values and potential outcomes.  She is the coauthor of the book, Organizational Development: Managing Fractal Organizing Processes and coauthor of the book Being Quantum: Ontological Storytelling in the Age of Antenarrative. Dr. Henderson writes and speaks internationally in business and academic settings and offers workshops for corporate clients as well as an entertaining blog titled Management on the Mat. She also enjoys teaching yoga practitioners and MBA students at Pranava Yoga Center and Colorado Technical University. Tonya gives back to her community through the Front Range Executive Service Corps and Leadership Pikes Peak.

Natalie Johnson

A Redhead’s Guide to the Galaxy: The Future of the Future of Art in the Pikes Peak Region

Natalie Johnson thrives on building community. She has been the Executive Director of the Manitou Art Center for the last three years and just recently became the Executive Director of the Manitou Springs Creative District. A Manitoid at heart, this is where she lives, works and plays..

Nick Kittle

Live the Life you Love and Love the Life you Live

I am a Renaissance man who dabbles in the arts and the world around me. I make it my job to help great people do great things and by day, I am a civic innovator (formerly in COS, currently in Denver). I am a partner and resource for a brighter future and I support “Sustainovation”–sustainable innovations and innovations that are sustainable. My motto is live the life you love and love the life you live.

In my professional career, I am experienced in working with large groups in a variety of settings to maximize the fun, effectiveness, capacity and ability of a team of diverse professionals. I use a balance of humor and strategy to create effective solutions. I am skilled in leading diverse teams to create effective and creative solutions for “unsolvable problems.” I write and speak about innovation, leadership, sustainability and life’s lessons. Creating a brighter future is what I do.

Michelle Mras

Eat, Drink and Be Mary

Michelle is an inspirational Speaker, International Coach, and Corporate Trainer with the John C Maxwell Leadership Team. She brings her vivacity, personal anecdotes and passion to energize and evoke positive change around her.

She is a proud military brat raised at Clark AB, Philippines. She married her high school sweetheart and has travelled around the world with him during his 20 year military career. They chose to retire and claim beautiful Colorado as home.

Michelle’s formal education is extensive, spanning from Engineering, Marketing, Quality Systems and Politics, but her real education stems from her life and the hard lessons she has learned throughout. She is a leader in the non-profit worlds of Community Outreach and with Toastmasters International in Southern Colorado. She is thrilled to have a speaking part in a locally made movie and a greater honor of sharing life stories on National Public Radio’s Story Project.

Her greatest joys are her family, close friendships she has made throughout her life, singing and of course, her loving husband. Michelle’s motto is that no matter what happens to you in life, take a deep breath – You’ve Got This!

Srividya Nagaraju

“Shakti” – The Feminine Power

Srividya is an internationally acclaimed facilitator, pioneering effective learning using right brain techniques for skill and behaviour improvement. She brings over 20 years of rich experience in the corporate and social sector to invigorate and humanise her sessions.

She has vast experience in formulating and delivering training modules on Personality Development, Personal Growth, Working Together and Leadership. Her emphasis has been on bringing a transformational change in individuals through empowerment. Her passion is to work with individuals across age groups, hierarchical levels and sectors – Corporate, Professionals, Police, Teachers, Students, and Doctors etc., to bring about a difference to their lives through an insightful experience.

Srividya believes in the philosophy of Experiential Learning and her sessions are known to be introspective, interactive, energetic keeping the participants 100% engaged.

She has experience in the Learning & Development and Operations in the knowledge industry. Worked with Thomson Reuters, Karvy Computershare, Havya Technologies (an Entrepreneurial venture), and Stock Brokers. She has achieved Operational excellence through process improvements, automation etc., with tangible results.

An Alumnus of Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIMB) – General Management Program, Masters in Commerce and in Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Advance NLP practitioner, Certified Career Guide and has undergone exhaustive Management and Leadership training across the globe .

Srividya’s passion to work with people, especially children and invest in our society has led her to dedicate herself in various non-profit activities.

Anthony Perez

Growing your Influence, Improving Our Future

Dr. John Maxwell has said that Authenticity means being comfortable in your own skin. Authentic leaders have self-awareness, self-respect, self-confidence, and emotional maturity. They prize integrity above image, and they seek to build trust with others on the basis of their personal character.

Our speaker, Anthony Perez, subscribes whole heartedly to this definition and it shows through to those who truly know him and can be seen as a foundation of his leadership teaching and work.

Prior to founding his company Success is a Language and becoming a founding partner for John Maxwell Team, Anthony served in the U.S. Navy and enjoyed a rather successful career in the financial services arena as a Regional Vice President. He is a professional speaker, Results Coach and community organizer. Anthony’s background and experience afford him the opportunity to be sought after for his subject matter expertise in high engagement presentations and effective networking for business and community. His true passion and strength is to bring people together to teach and help them achieve personal and professional success.

Manu Raval

The Art and Science of Nonviolence

Manu Raval is a life-long student of the Sanskrit language and its scriptural and secular literature, the yogic traditions, and comparative religion, literature, and philosophy. He received Bachelor degrees in English Literature and Law from the University of Bombay (now called Mumbai University). He also did Master’s work in Economics and Sociology (University of Bombay), International Trade (Graduate School of International Trade and Business Administration, Glendale, AZ), and Public Administration (University of Colorado, Denver).

As an activist during India’s struggle for independence, Manu was President of the Student Union at the University of Bombay and a proponent of Mahatma Gandhi’s teachings. He has authored many articles, organized and participated in seminars and symposia on industry, commerce and trade, political matters and debates, social issues and topics, and has published letters and articles in the Times of India, Indian Express, the Denver Post, and many other newspapers and periodicals. He has lectured widely on the Vedas, Vedanta, BhagavadGita, Pantanjal Yoga Sutram, Gandhi’s life and work, ancient Indian and world civilizations, and history and religions, and has participated in numerous interfaith councils, conferences, and discussions.

Michael Sales

One Decision Can Change Your Life

My name is Mike Sales and I am a former airline pilot and pro level athlete. I was injured 2 years ago in an aircraft accident which left me an L-1 paraplegic. My journey of reinvention and recovery has led me through numerous revelations, some of which are that people are stronger than they know and that your best life IS possible. I study human behavior in the areas of psychology of winning, success and achievement.

I speak to audiences ranging from troubled teens to successful businessmen and women. My talks have included titles, “What I learned from almost dying”, “Where focus goes, energy flows” & “The art and science of reinvention”.

Eddie and Carol Sturman


Eddie Sturman is a leader in understanding and applying fundamental scientific and engineering advancements to answer the critical issues facing society and the planet. For over 40 years, he has been leading the transformation of mechanical systems by applying innovative digital principles to modernize process controls and products. Known for his intensely positive attitude and simple breakthrough solutons, he generates numerous inventions annually; presently named in over 150 U.S. and foreign patents. The patent volume and significance continue to grow.

Sturman developed efficient controls for the Apollo space program, pioneering “latching” valves. Using “residual magnetism” in place of solenoids, Sturman made significant improvements over convential analog controls. In 2003 Eddie was recognized for helpign save Apollo 13 and was, along with Sturman Industries, inducted ino the Space Foundation Hall of Fame, for applying his digital valves “to benefit planet Earth.” His decades-long goal: enable fundamental breakthroughs to improve the world with safe, clean, energy-efficient products that help preserve environmental balance, enable renewable energy, and provide a sustainable model for energy, the ecodnomy, and the planet.

Sturman developed efficient controls for the Apollo space program, pioneering “latching” valves. Using “residual magnetism” in place of solenoids, Sturman made significant improvements over convential analog controls. In 2003 Eddie was recognized for helpign save Apollo 13 and was, along with Sturman Industries, inducted ino the Space Foundation Hall of Fame, for applying his digital valves “to benefit planet Earth.” His decades-long goal: enable fundamental breakthroughs to improve the world with safe, clean, energy-efficient products that help preserve environmental balance, enable renewable energy, and provide a sustainable model for energy, the ecodnomy, and the planet.

Carol earned her Bachelor of Science degree in education and later completed graduate courses in architectural design at UC Northridge and UCLA. Her professional career began with teaching, and transitioned into energy as a consultant with Southern California Gas, promoting energy conservation practices and products. She spent ten years with a large California real estate company, becoming Vice President in residential sales.

In 1989 Carol founded a R&D company specializing in applying high-tech digital controls to mechanical systems. The technology was invented by Eddie Sturman, the company’s technical leader. As President, Carol’s expertise in business development, sales, and negotiation, propelled the company’s business growth of about 100% annually over the first six years. Sturman Industries enjoys successful relationships with major customers and institutions in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

In 1995 Carol oversaw construction of Sturman Industries’ award-winning corporate headquarters in Woodland Park and is currently developing an ’Innovation Park’ campus to attract like-minded organizations wishing to locate and build in a unique setting that fosters innovation and creativity.

Carol led Sturman team members in the formation of their nationally recognized RITE ROAD MAKES SENSE culture and Sturman’s mission statement: “Sturman is dedicated to making a positive contribution to the world through our innovative products and company culture.”

In 2007 the Society of Automotive Engineers selected Carol for its prestigious J. Cordell Breed Award for leadership in mobility. Carol continues to lead Sturman’s business development, addressing important environmental, economic and national security challenges.

Simon Tam

How to Get a TED Talk

Simon Tam is an award-winning musician, best-selling author, entrepreneur, and social justice activist.

Simon is best known as the founder and bassist of The Slants, the world’s first and only all-Asian American dance rock band. His approach to activism through the arts has been highlighted in thousands of media features across 82 countries, including: BBC World News, NPR, TIME Magazine, TED talks, NBC, and the New York Times.

Since 2000, he has been a performer, presenter, and keynote at events and organizations such as TEDx, SXSW, Comic-Con, The Department of Defense, Stanford University, Rotary International, and over 1,200 others across North America, Europe, and Asia.

Recently, he was named a “Portland Rising Star” from the Light a Fire Awards, received a “Distinguished Alum Award” from Marylhurst University, was featured by Forbes, and delivered 5 TEDx talks.

Simon is the Marketing Director at Oregon Environmental Council and an adjunct professor at both Marylhurst University and Linn-Benton Community College. He is currently serving as a founding member on the Board of Directors for the Oregon Center for Human Rights and the Policy and Equity Committee for the Jade District.

Simon Tam is a bestselling author, entrepreneur, activist, and self-proclaimed troublemaker. He’s best know as the founder and bassist of the world’s first and only all-Asian American dance rock band, The Slants.